Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thank you Ivy of Kopiaste To Greek Hospitality and one of the founders of BloggerAid in the aid of World Famine, for dedicating this award to bloggers who still find some time to blog about their passion besides working hard in their daily jobs and attending their family needs. Ivy, if you read this post, you set a very good example that no matter how busy we are, there's still some minutes to spare for helping the less fortunates in our communities. Best wishes to BloggerAid and Project BloggerAid Cookbook

Sunday, January 11, 2009


With all the festivities of last year and more to come around in 2 weeks time for this year 2009, I had been busy since before end of last year... you know to avoid last minute shopping for stuffs. This year I planned to make it 6 months earlier to avoid the chaos and the queues!

As I was perusing online recently, I discovered one of my favourite foodie friend wedding announcement! I'm wishing her and her Prince Charming... "Düğününüz kutlu olsun. Umarım bir yastıkta kocarsınız!

By the way check out her recipes... I love her Fındıklı Kurabiye (Hazelnut Shortbread). This what I called cooking with love... :-) Would you believe that even if you gave the exact same recipe to other people, the result would be different? Now, that's the magic of  Love!!!

Çok, çok teşeküler Banu of Be Foodie! for this award and Congratulations to both of you! Keep in touch!